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Stewart Degner-Guitar

19655 Arnold Drive, Sonoma, California 95476, United States................................... This is a work shop only address. No mail here.n

(707) 938-0961

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Additional Information

1st;   Please be advised, This Guitarist is   sponsored in part, by :


They supply gas,  share  a phone #,  plus answering machine, and help with musical hardware. Also,  an address to operate from.

 2nd;    I  have more than a CD' s worth of original but unrecorded  material for you to listen to .

If you hire me,  you can hear it all.

I prefer to  play live anyway,  and  am working toward that end with this web site.  I also play several Farmer's Markets  around the Bay. I play my entire set at all of them.

I am always  looking for some indoor winter work. Consistent gigs are appreciated. 

Inquiries, suggestions and referrals  welcome.

 I have built this site ,but  can barely wrestle with it.    I am not a web guy, or recording guy, but am making an attempt. Helpful suggestions welcome..

My intention is to generate  a CD   As Soon As Possible.........

Also , I am not an Art dealer. :) 

3rd;    Brandon; Thank you for your inspiration.

Ian;  Thank you for the suggestion you don't remember giving.

I would like to thank  Karen,  Josh,  and  Ace, and Ryan, for their encouragement.  And Scott, and John.  Also Jerilee, my first fan.

Thanks to Troy and Ashley at Baskin Robins for allowing me to get my sea legs (so to speak),  in front of their shop.

And all those who have made kind remarks, and those who put something in the tip jar . 

The e-mails I get are very inspiring. Some of you have sent very good pictures of me doing what I love to do.

Thank you all.

4th;    I would especially like to thank Craig Lyter at Wine Country Balance, for doing all the heavy lifting, while I launch  this Endeavor. 

5th;  Last, but really the most important. .....My Wife Mary.

She is my Island; The place I come from, and  go home  to every day.

She is my partner during the storms, and my anchor, when I  drift.

She is my North Star; I can  always find my way home.     

  Thank you

       Stewart Degner