Live Solo guitar music at your location.


Embrace Your Passion

I recovered my passion for music during an illness, leading me to where I am now. 

From that point, I am involved in playing and composing.

Live Life in Song

Can a song without words, really be a song? I am living a  Dream.  Guitars speak to me. Through them I speak to you.  I don't articulate my feelings well, but apparently, I can play them.

Be Inspired By Everything

I find inspiration all around me. My music is representative.  I love the places that most people don't give a second glance. The weather, a walk, quietness, inspire me.   Also Laughter.


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Bears in February

 This was Feb. 2015.  Top down , T -shirt,  and ball cap kind of day.   When I came home from South Korea, in 1973 February looked just like this.  Why would I stay here my whole life?.... Hmmmn.. 

About Me


Guitarist for Hire in Sonoma, CA

Dinner Music, with a Soul.

Ambient Plus, Instrument Only.

A mild hint of Jazz, Light Rock, and Classic.

Well suited for Tablecloth or Lawn events, Tasting Rooms, Restaurants, Art Exhibits,  Open air Fairs, Wedding dinners,  Corporate retreats, and Even Memorials. Also, the occasional Yoga class.



Short Profile:

Serving up live guitar music at your location:

Naturally bald,chronologically mature, tall individual, with a self sustaining entrepreneurial  bent.

Enjoys playing  Guitar like other people enjoy fishing.

Rides a Road King / Electra Glide,   in fair weather, during sporadic ownership.

Reads books near a fireplace during in-climate weather, until overcome by sleep.

Seriously dislikes computers, but acknowledges their use. Considers them an necessary evil.

In addition to a large working radius from Sonoma CA. I also intend to go global via internet.




My vision is to share my music with everyone.

Imagine, you're on a date with a special someone.   Soft, Guitar, Instrumentals have been supporting your conversation, and filling the lulls. You have never heard this music before, but it's nice.  You are so comfortable, you forget to applaud the musician. You are in an envelope of harmony.

You realize what a wonderful restaurant it is. But just what  is it? You mention this too your date. You discover together; It's the Dinner Music guy, just over there....

You are overwhelmed with joy and happiness.  You stare into each others eyes, and agree.  You drop a seriously large tip in the jar, and grab a card on your way out.    Don't be shy. This happens all the time.

If I can create a beautiful picture in your mind, or leave you with a pleasant  tune in your in your head after our encounters, I have done my job.

If you catch yourself whistling  one of my compositions tomorrow, or next month, you will have absorbed a bit of my dream. If you're in a notable  place and  imagine  my music in the background, I am in your world. Drop me a line with a picture.  Tell me about it.  Thank you.